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Wednesday, June 2, 2010 6:31
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Payday CompaniesHaving difficulties again and there is no way how to solve the problem? Don’t worry; we all have experienced similar problems in our life. Well, there are chances to borrow something from your friends until your payday, but it doesn’t always work out. So, it’s better not to waste time and consider applying for a same day payday loan. As you can guess, the cash you are badly in need of can be obtained the very same day.

There are simple requirements to meet: you have to be a resident of the US and it is a must to be over 18.years old. Having a regular income of more than $1000 a checking account is a must as well.

There are quite a few of online same day payday companies to choose from, so there a chance to find the one which provides you with the most attractive lending terms. There are practically no formalities involved, just an application form with the necessary information about your employment and income.

It is worth mentioning that there are two categories of same day payday loans, namely, secured and unsecured. What makes them different? Well, in case of an unsecured same day payday loan the amount of money depends on your monthly salary and the interest is a bit higher. If you opt for a secured same day payday loan, there is collateral to be placed and in this case the interest rates are a bit lower.

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