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Who we are and what we do

The main objective of this website is to help you find the right option, that is to find the most suitable lender who will be able to meet your financial needs and get your loan online. There is no need to wait in long lines and to fill out loads of papers in order to get approved, like with many conventional loans. That is why more and more clients who can not boast of perfect credit opt for tension-free payday loans.

Payday loans are thought to be short-term ones. They are not designed to work as a solution to your long-term expenses. Sometimes, if clients keep asking for extensions and readjusting repayment dates, such loans may become a trap. We strongly advise you to be a responsible borrower. PaydayAvailable.com.com does not operate as a loan lender, it does not loan money or readjust your repayment terms. As all lenders have their own requirements on potential borrowers, the process of approval depends on the information you submit. Visit our FAQ to make sure you can meet all the requirements.

Upon submitting your application, PaydayAvailable.com has to share your data with one or more participating lenders. The approval process is fast and does not take you more than 5 minutes. The following things are taken into account: the amount of your current income, your credit history, the amount of outstanding debt and the place of your residence. If your application form meets all the criteria, the direct lender contacts you and offers the loan terms. In case you agree with the terms and conditions, the desired amount of funds is transferred within one business day. Transfer time, however, depends on what bank you borrow from (it varies from bank to bank) and the time you were approved. In order to avoid delays in obtaining your loan we strongly recommend taking the following steps:

  • Apply Monday-Friday at normal banking hours as banks are closed on weekends.
  • Make sure you do not apply on bank holidays as it may prolong cash transfer times.
  • Make sure you have answered all the questions in the application form.

Your loan agreement has to include repayment scheme, APRs, the amount of fees and renewals. Different lending institutions have different lending policies and not all of them can offer an extension. If you have additional questions, visit our Rates and Fees page for more information. It is necessary to understand all the terms and conditions of your loan agreement and be sure you are able to repay your loan on the due date. In case you do not agree with the loan terms you are offered, you are not obliged to sign it, just refuse and reapply. Then our website will connect you with another lender. Consider the implications for late payment or non-payment:

  • Late payments may result in new financial charges.
  • Non-payments lead to additional fees, collection or even legal action, which will negatively impact your credit rating.
  • Some states prohibit loan extension and renewal. In other states amount of fees can be quite high.