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Company Rates and Fees:

PaydayAvailable.com does not operate as a loan broker or a loan lender, neither do we take any loan decisions. Our main objective is to find the right lending option for our consumers who experience short term cash problems and want to find the most suitable loan scheme from a qualified lender.

Once you have registered on our website, PaydayAvailable.com finds you the suitable lender who offers a loan including the terms of repayment, the desired loan amount, fees and APR. Make sure that you fully understand all the terms of your loan agreement and are fully aware of all the consequences of late payments or non-payments.

You are not obliged to sign the loan agreement unless its terms and conditions suit you. You are under obligation only when you have agreed to electronically "sign" the loan.

Should you have any additional questions concerning repayment or late-payment problems, direct them to your immediate lender. Our site works with a big number of lenders and all of them have their own instructions and rules for issuing loans.

Late payments, including fees, may result in various negative consequences for a borrower: your account may be submitted to a collection agency or reported to a credit score agency. If you get an offer to renew your loan, you must be aware that it might incur additional fees and charges and in some cases even legal action. Since loan terms and conditions and renewal policies may vary from lender to lender, make sure you thoroughly review these issues for further information.

Should there be any questions or problems with your loan, please contact your direct lender. Online registering with us is free, PaydayAvailable.com does not charge anything for its service.

The Truth in Lending Act
The Truth in Lending Act requires all lenders to inform borrowers of every aspect of the rates, fees, and charges that may be incurred. You will be provided with full and complete information about the rates and terms of your loan, and you can always choose to decline any offer rather than accept terms you find undesirable.

State Rate & Fee Regulations
While each lender determines its own rates, local laws and regulations may be a factor in some cases. Lending laws vary from state to state, and some states are unfriendly to short-term lending. It's a good idea to review the details of the laws around payday loans in your state before moving forward. See our Customer Resource Center for details or choose your state from the list below: